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Space exploration has always attracted humanity. The mysterious night sky full of distant stars is like a metaphor of everything we yet have to discover. We can travel to the most remote part of our home planet, rise to its highest peaks and descend into its darkest depths, but we barely know what awaits us beyond its limits. Oxygen Not Included is a sci-fi survival simulator that allows you to experience unbelievable adventures in the open space and build your own colony inside an asteroid!

Lost in space

So, you are the head of a cosmic expedition. Your group was sent to the outskirts of the galaxy to look for a planet where the human race could build a new home. And you were lucky to find one. Unfortunately, it requires a lot of work before you can actually feel at home here. Let’s not waste time, shall we? Gather the other colonists and task them with various activities to get started. So far, there is just a bare surface of an alien celestial body spreading as far as the eye can see – and a limited amount of resources to keep you up until you complete the first missions. To survive, you’ll have to dig, produce water, oxygen, food and warmth, build various structures and perform other routine tasks. It is even important to make colonists happy so that they were more motivated and efficient.

Problems, problems and more problems

The gameplay challenges you to find solutions for appearing problems, but the catch is that these problems spawn a number of new ones and it goes on endlessly. For instance, you have to build shelter for colonists and machines to supply everyone with enough food. At the same time, food consumption leads to agglomeration of toxic waste that can provoke a burst of mortal deceases in the group. Besides, all kinds of activities increase the consumption of oxygen and raise CO2 levels threatening colonists with suffocation. Balancing all those aspects is quite a tough challenge even for an experienced strategist.

Colony and its dwellers

Each of the colonists has unique characteristics making them inclined to certain activities. Take that into account while making arrangements. The stats include digging, creativity, learning, etc. There are also parameters that have no direct effect on the colonist’s performance, but can indirectly influence it. For instance, a character may be an early riser, which means that their stats are increased in the morning, or a drug addict capable of falling asleep any second. The main parameters can improve with time if the character has been performing a certain type of work for a long period. Besides, colonists have several changing stats, including stress level, fatigue and others. Initially, you’ll have only three colonists at your disposal. However, the population of the colony can be replenished at the expense of other space travelers reaching the destination point through the portal. Note, though, that part of the group will die and it’s up to you to ensure the survival of your comrades.

Oxygen Not Included is definitely an incredible space survival simulator that will keep you busy for hours. Test your strategic skills and leader qualities by playing Oxygen Not Included online on our site!