Our life is closely connected with making decisions and taking risks, and they may be too dangerous. Of course, in a real life you can’t challenge yourself or your friends with something extreme, but Internet allows you to do anything you want, and opens all borders to you. You will be surprised, how easily you can get to the other planet and test your courage and ability to control things that can’t be controlled at all. New indie game Oxygen Not Included is still on the stage of development, but it can rejoice you even now, when it is only teasing you by its grace. It is a kind of following of Don’t Starve, because it was created by the same group of authors, but it has many differences, though the concept is quite clear, and you shouldn’t think too much to understand the sense of the game.

Your hero is a nice guy, and he was made to leave his native planet, and search for luck in an unusual and dangerous place. How would you feel, if you found yourself in the open space without food and water, and the level of oxygen is quickly going to the end? Probably, you would be scared, but this is not about our guy. Well, maybe, he is a bit frightened as well, but he doesn’t show his anxiety. He takes his instruments and start digging. He wants to create an ideal refuge for himself, and all those people, who came with him. Apart from lack of oxygen your character has to take care about food and fresh water, because he can’t work effectively without them. His colleagues may help him, but they can’t find food for themselves, so you should find necessary resources for them, and help them to survive in this hostile environment.

When you build your house, never forget about oxygen, because it is crucial resource, and you can’t survive without it. When your astronauts will be safe and sound and warmed, they will long for adventures. Make sure that you can give them what they want, because a nice company of happy people is all that you need in the end. Keep in mind that if you play for many hours, it doesn’t mean that it will be easier to survive. On contrary, remember that all difficulties start right now, because you should consider too many things at the same time.


  • Search, direct
  • Bump, jum

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