Everyone knows that we can’t live without food or water, and we can survive in thirst only one week. But there is one thing more important than that, and it is oxygen. We can’t exist without breathing in the proper air, and new indie game Oxygen Not Included gives us an opportunity to try our ability to act in stressing situations. Here you will find your character somewhere in the open space, and, obviously, you will need oxygen here more than ever. You will see an asteroid that may become your new home, if you do everything that you can. First of all, you should create our new home, and build a more or less comfortable house. What thing will you need there? Of course, it’s food and water, and enormous resources of oxygen, because it is limited, and you have to control your air every time. When your new planet is ready, what can you think of? You will definitely feel lonely on this huge planet, and you can invite people to live there. But, again, you will need more resources, and provide enough supplies for everyone. But remember that we are getting used to everything quickly, so you should think about entertainments for them. This game is still in the process of development, but it will bring you plenty of breathtaking minutes, where you can enjoy creating your own reality in an unusual place, and make all people on your planet live according your rules. The indie Oxygen Not Included doesn’t have certain rules or missions that you have to complete, so it allows you relax, and just enjoy the process.


  • Search, direct
  • Bump, jum

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