Oxygen Not Included 2


Building a colony in the open space isn’t an easy business to start. You should consider multiple aspects of life of your future settlement and plan everything beforehand otherwise troubles are unavoidable. Besides, the citizens of the growing cosmic city are counting on you, so you just can’t let them down! Head a group of colonists and lead it to a beautiful dream of building another frontier of the human race thousands of light years away from your home star system! In the process, you’ll have to cope with various tasks, mine for resources and produce everything you need to survive. Of course, your lie won’t be void of problems, including hunger, low oxygen, waste and other, no less unpleasant surprises waiting for you on another planet. Note that colonists also have stats that affect their level of efficiency. Distributing tasks between different members of your galactic community based on their stats will allow you to organize their work more productively. Amazing adventures, vast world open for exploration, extensive crafting system and strategic challenges make this game a must-play for everyone who enjoys survival simulators! Why don’t you start right now and see how far you can get?


  • Search, direct
  • Bump, jum

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