Oxygen Not Included 2017 for PC


Surviving isn’t that easy, especially if you are trapped in the open space or underground, where you can’t even breathe. Living in such conditions can be impossible, but our hero is unstoppable. The new indie game Oxygen Not Included 2017 for PC invites you to help to survive a group of people, who isn’t afraid of challenges, and ready to obey your orders. Well, if you think that this would be easy – you are wrong, because you should keep in mind too many details that can’t be omitted or forgot.

Your main character is the boss, and others believe that he can take everything under his control. He is ready to give orders, and each of them is best in something peculiar, but the authors didn’t give you a hint, so you have to discover everything on your own. You will definitely make mistakes, but make sure that they won’t cost someone’s life. When you learn what they are best in, you can ask them to do some tasks, but you should remember that you can control only one of them, others do things automatically. If they are bad in completing this or that task, you should change their challenge, but to see this you should follow their every step.

You are building a safe castle for your team, but while doing this don’t forget that all of them need food and fresh water. And oxygen, for sure; this is vital for every member of your team. You have to control all those resources and give anyone what he needs. But this is not the only goal of the game, because the team should be happy as well. This isn’t easy, because they may be upset by any trouble, and they won’t work the way they should, and you may fail your mission. Your team doesn’t like to work together, but you can change this, and they will listen to you, and do everything the way you want it.


  • Search, direct
  • Bump, jum

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