Oxygen Not Included 32 bit


Building a house is quite easy if you have all necessary materials and the basic skills. Building a city is much tougher, but you can still manage it – of course, with the help of other builders. However, there is nothing as challenging as building a colony in the open space. A new survival game called Oxygen not Included 32 bit will send you on a dangerous yet important mission – exploring new planets for the human race to settle on. One of such planets is about to become your new home. Take charge of three colonists, each possessing unique skills and stats, to turn this lifeless lump into a copy of Earth. You’ll have to take care of multiple issues – where to get food, how to provide all citizens with air, how to dispose of waste and avoid the spreading of mortal deceases. And although it doesn’t sound so bad when you simply read about it, believe us, facing it in practice is much more complicated!

As your colony grows, you’ll be able to recruit more colonists to perform a wider array of tasks and fill up the map with a great number of structures, from industrial facilities to cozy homes where the citizens of your space settlement will be able to take a break from their hard routine and replenish their vital parameters. Note that fatigue and hunger levels also affect the productivity of the workers, so it’s in your best interest to keep your charges fed up, healthy and happy. Oxygen Not Included will definitely trap your attention for many hours! Start right now and find out what’s life like in the depth of space!


  • Search, direct
  • Bump, jum

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