Oxygen Not Included last version


If you always wanted to try on the shoes of a space colonist, this is your chance. Massive survival simulator called Oxygen Not Included in last version is already on the way! This time, you’ll be hurled onto an alien asteroid together with a group of other survivors. Working as a team, you’ll have to build a prosperous colony on this strange and unfriendly planet. At first, there will be only three of you, but more and more people will arrive through a quantum portal to help you expand the colony. First of all, you’ll have to construct lodgments for colonists and machines to supply them with basic resources – water, food and of course oxygen. The main challenge of this game is the chain reaction of endless problems, actions you take to sort them out and new consequences engendered by those actions. It looks like this: people need to eat, but eating builds up waste while this waste is toxic and can cause illnesses. Naturally, you can’t leave colonists without food, but at the same time you should think of a way to take care of the waste issue. These small tasks and big issues will constitute your daily routine. Switch between the settlers to assign different activities based on their stats, streamline resource production and take advantage of the broad crafting system to provide your colony with all it needs to become a beautiful, thriving place!


  • Search, direct
  • Bump, jum

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