Oxygen Not Included Thermal


Immense space expands have always lured humanity with their unexplored mysteries and the promise of a new, better life on foreign planets. And while nowadays there is still no way to leave our home system and go on an extensive space trip, it can appear in the nearest future. Oxygen Not Included is an interpretation of what that near future might be. The game was introduced by the same team that gave us Don’t Starve, so you can expect quite a number of similar features. This incredibly spectacular and fascinating adventure will allow you to plunge into the vastness of the galaxy and give you access to a great number of beautiful locations. The simulator is very thought-through and challenging. It won’t be easy for you to survive in the harsh conditions of the open space. Your supplies will be constantly running low and you’ll be always one breath short of oxygen. Mortal dangers will be waiting for you ever step of your cosmic odyssey. But make no mistake, the result is worth all the hardships!


  • Search, direct
  • Bump, jum

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