What thing is the most important in our life? You may say that it is love, health or many other interesting notions, and you may be right, but there is something that you can’t live without, and it is oxygen. We don’t consider it to be one of the most crucial things, and take it for granted. But what would it be, if we find ourselves in place, where we lack the air to breathe? Then we will definitely understand the problems of the main character of the new indie game Oxygen Not Included upgrade. This hero found himself on a strange asteroid with limited set of resources. Now he has to establish his own rules in this place, but firstly he has to make it possible to live in.

Let’s start by saying that you have to dig a great tunnel inside the asteroid, and you have to make your way though this unknown place. It may contain traps, so you should be very careful, while creating your own world here. Remember that you start game with limited resources, so you should learn how to get more, before they disappear, and you suffocate, because oxygen is the most important resource in the open space. Of course, thirst and hunger will accompany you as well, and you should feed your character and give him water as soon, as he needs it. When you build your ideal world, get ready that other people can use your developments to live in this new world. You should take care about them as well, and your primary task is to keep them safe and sound. Every their need should be satisfied, but you shouldn’t stop only on their health. When they get used to new conditions, they will crave for new emotions, and you should provide them with what they want.

The game Oxygen Not Included is still in the process of development, but you can buy it now, and spend many hours in it. There are many new missions that are going to be included, but still there are plenty of well-thought content, and you can play this game all day long, and still you won’t discover all mysteries that this asteroid hides from you. So, take your friends, and start the competition, and you will get to know who the best builder in the world is.


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  • Bump, jum

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